Amylgen is a privately owned contract research organization (CRO) offering a unique combination of validated in vivo models and a full range of behavioral, biochemical and morphological testing allowing fast and predictive screening of the effects of drugs and nutraceuticals on brain health

We propose a panel of in vivo rodent models for a variety of CNS disorders like depression, schizophrenia, anxiety and more particularly neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer and Parkinson. We also propose models allowing to test drugs or nutraceuticals on aging brain (senescence accelerated mice (SAM), D-Gal accelerated aging, normal aged mice)

Ours models and techniques allow fast-scale screening and pre-clinical validation for the pharmaceutical development of new drug candidates: Experimental protocols vary from basic screening to more comprehensive large-scale studies, according to the client’s requests. Control treatments and reference molecules are included.

Our services have been proven to facilitate decision-making process at critical phases of drug development and decrease attrition.


Biotech & Pharmas:

Amylgen offers its services for the rapid and accurate evaluation of your compounds at a very early stage of development, bringing a first and highly valuable POC in vivo to your program. Amylgen may also help you with high efficacy in the process of repositioning old compounds. Amylgen’s services consist in a comprehensive panel of morphological, biochemical analyses and behavioral responses. Depending of the stage of development of your compound, our experimental protocols may be limited to basic screening allowing a quick conclusion on the efficacy, or include more comprehensive large-scale studies.

Food Industry:

Amylgen : your partner for promoting your products in the field of brain health. In the scope of the activity of your company, AMYLGEN may help you bringing a proof of concept of efficacy of your products in the field of brain health. We may provide you with scientific data helping the promotion of your products. More particularly, we are very interested in the field of brain aging which is becoming a primary concern in our societies and we can provide preclinical data demonstrating how your products help maintaining memory and intellectual performances during the process of aging or protect against AD.