Our Facilities

/// Quality Standard

In vivo models and subsequent analyses are prepared, executed and reported in accordance to the OECD, FDA and national ethic committee guidelines for preclinical laboratory studies. Although our studies are not GLP certified, our current practices are compliant with GLP requirements are described in SOPs.

/// Our Facilities Features

Amylgen---iconeHEPA-filtered disposable caging systems by Innovive

Amylgen---iconeNecropsy Rooms

Amylgen---iconeBehavioral platform

Amylgen---iconeCell Culture Facility

Amylgen---iconeBiochemistry and histology laboratory

Amylgen---iconeConference Rooms

Amylgen---iconeOptional Laboratory Bench Rental Space and/or house laboratory animals

Our research facilities feature state-of-the-art equipment and caging systems and are staffed by well-trained and friendly personnel.