Our Team

Amylgen---iconeOur scientific team is composed of  behavioral scientists, veterinarian, in vivo neuropharmacologists and drug development advisors whose abilities allows to take over, or to work in parallel, with your internal research teams after the first in vitro screening.

Amylgen---iconeWe provide a constant flow of information and data between us and our customers (time frame, updated information, scientific and contractual documents storage (acknowledgement of receipts for compounds and animals, raw data, study reports…), and discussions with the project manager.

Amylgen---iconeBeside this we pay attention to ethics, animal welfare and sustainable development.


Co-founder & CEO

Vanessa manages all operational and financial aspects of Amylgen.

François J. ROMAN

Co-founder & Business Development

François is working to support Amylgen to become a preferred service partner with the international biotech and pharma community.