Behavorial Analyses

We provides an integrated service : the same animals evaluated for behavior are sampled for plasma, CSF and brain structures that are characterized for various markers using biochemical assays. More precise immunohistochemical analyses may be performed in brain slices.


/// Cognitive testing

Amylgen---iconeMorris water maze

Amylgen---iconeActive & passive avoidance

Amylgen---iconeY-Maze,  T-Maze

Amylgen---iconeNovel object recognition


// Anxiety and depression

Amylgen---iconePorsolt’s swim test

Amylgen---iconeElevated plus maze

Amylgen---iconeOpen field

Amylgen---iconeActive & passive avoidance


Amylgen---iconeChronic restraint stress, chronic mild stress


/// Sensory-Motor testing

Amylgen---iconeOpen field


Amylgen---iconeGrip test

Amylgen---iconePre-pulse inhibition of startle


/// Behavioral phenotyping

Amylgen---iconeFunctional observations

Amylgen---iconeSelected tests from our established paradigms