Biochemical & Immunochemistry analyses

Amylgen provides an integrated service : the same animals evaluated for behavior are sampled for plasma, CSF and brain structures that are characterized for various markers using biochemical assays. More precise immunohistochemical analyses may be performed in brain slices.


/// Biomarker analysis following in vivo studies

We offer biomarker analysis of a variety of samples from in vivo studies. Biomarker studies encompass detection of protein or mRNA utilizing ELISA, PCR and IHC.

Amylgen---iconeSample preparation

Amylgen---iconeProteins extraction


/// Molecular analyses

Amylgen---iconeProtein contents dosage



/// Biochemical analyses

Amylgen---iconeEnzymatic activity

Amylgen---iconeToxicity assays

Amylgen---iconeOxidative stress measure by colorimetric determination of lipid peroxidation levels

Amylgen---iconeSpecific markers on contractant’s request


/// Histology and Immunohistochemistry

Amylgen---iconeSample preparation:

– Cryosectioning

– Paraffin sectioning

– Vibratome sectioning


Amylgen---iconeHistological staining:

– Nissl staining

– Cresyl violet

– Congo red

– Fluoro jade B

– …


Amylgen---iconeImmunohistochemical staining:

– Neuronal, astroglial and microglial markers

– Cholinergic markers

– Proliferating cells

– Apoptosis markers

– Specific markers on contractant’s request

– Direct morphological observation

– Fluorescence microscopy

– Confocal microscopy